Official Invite For Applications

Swaziland’s highly regarded world music and arts festival, MTN Bushfire, today officially invites applications to trade and exhibit at this years event on May 29-31st  2015.


The Global Food Village, Artisan Hand Craft Market and The Barn welcome applications from individuals, artists and small businesses to trade and exhibit at MTN Bushfire Festival 2015.


MTN Bushfire is highly regarded as a cultural eco-system of creativity, which helps to contribute towards Swaziland’s continued arts development. As the biggest world music festival in Southern Africa, the festival attracts over 20,000 visitors each year, to the beautiful farmlands of the Malkerns Valley.


Internationally recognized for celebrating creative expression, MTN Bushfire festival seeks to showcase the finest culinary expertise, craft and artistic visionaries within their global platform.


The Global Food Village

The MTN BUSHFIRE Global Food Village is a celebration of culture through the art of food and an opportunity to discover global delicacies and culinary delights.   Festival attendees can choose between an array of traditional Swazi cuisine and a selection of global offerings to fuel the fire in their bellies! 


Handcraft and Design Market

The MTN Bushfire Handcraft and Design Market brings together the finest artisans and Swazi craft businesses to showcase regional crafters, sparking creativity and exchange. With a focus on ethical products and emerging local design, artisans display a wealth of handmade contemporary African fashion accessories and home ware.


The Barn

The Barn is an interactive art, dialogue and performance space devoted to innovation and creativity. The Barn’s annual art exhibition, curated by Yebo! Contemporary Art Gallery facilitates conversation and encourages participants to be inspired thinkers, doers, artists and visionaries.


Jiggs Thorne, MTN Bushfire Festival director, comments:


“We are very excited to invite local Swazi people to be involved in MTN Bushfire 2015, utilizing it as a platform for positive social change. We feel very privileged to be able to showcase the wealth of artistic, craft and culinary expression in the Swazi creative economy, with an international audience.”


MTN Bushfire Festival aims to continue to increase Swaziland’s international profile by celebrating creative expression and promoting social responsibility to stimulate the economy.




Notes To Editors:


The Global Food Village

Entrepreneurs interested in trading at The Global Food Village can submit their application online here:


For enquiries and further information about trading at The Global Food Village please email: traders@bush-fire.com

Deadline for applications is March 20th 2015.


Handcraft and Design Market

Individuals or small businesses interested in trading at the Handcraft and Design Market can download an application form online here:


To submit applications or for further information and enquiries please email:



Deadline for applications is March 27th 2015.


The Barn

Artists are invited to submit new work exploring the theme of ‘Before the Future’, in any mediums (paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, photographs, textiles, ceramics etc) to convey the prevalent cultural shift in Swaziland.


-          Proposals from artists in all countries are welcome

-          Maximum size of artwork for submission is 300 x 200 x 100cm

-          Each artist can submit a maximum of 2 artwork pieces

-          Artists who are selected will be responsible for delivering their work to the Yebo! Art Gallery on May 20th between 9am-5pm


Artists can submit their application proposals, by emailing Aleta@realnet.co.sz. Deadline for submissions is March 31st 2015


An internal committee will select trader applications and artist proposals after the associated deadlines have passed. Successful applicants will be contacted directly, to share further information and next steps.



Backlit by fiery mountain sunsets across acres of pristine farmland, MTN BUSHFIRE is Swaziland’s internationally acclaimed three day music & arts festival that celebrates creative expression whilst promoting social responsibility, stimulating the economy, and drawing talent and tourists from across Africa and around the world.


Founded in 2007, MTN BUSHFIRE has a well-deserved reputation for its’ visionary approach, integrity and “Call to Action” mandate which defines its commitment to nurturing the Swazi arts and cultural scene, whilst raising awareness and funds to tackle the nation’s most pressing social needs. Donating 100% of its profits to orphans through the Swazi NGO Young Heroes (www.youngheroes.org.sz), and 100% of merchandise proceeds to the non-profit rural community development project Gone Rural boMake (www.goneruralbomake.org), MTN BUSHFIRE serves, in the words of one journalist, “as a living, breathing, creative ecosystem.”


MTN BUSHFIRE calls on the community to “Bring their Fire” to the Festival and into their daily lives, igniting a collective response for positive change. ‘Bring your Fire’ celebrates the human spirit, the light in all of us, to become more conscious and active participants in creating a better world.


It is this distinctive fusion of inspired multi-dimensional creativity, demographically diverse audience, socially-accountable philosophy, and magical setting that creates and sustains MTN BUSHFIRE’s harmonious energy and sets it apart from all other festivals.


For photos, interviews and additional information please contact: Lara Preston: Red Flag Design & Marketing: +27 (0)11 447 8283, lara@redflag.co.za

Founding Graphic Design Partner - Vincent Caudry.
Official Photographers - Bram Lanmers and Sydelle Willow-Smith
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