MTN BUSHFIRE 2012 launches in Mozambique

MTN BUSHFIRE 2012 completed its regional launch season with a visit to Maputo, Mozambique on the 2nd April 2012.  


Present journalists and supporters of MTN BUSHFIRE unanimously agreed that the festival stealthily gains more Mozambican audiences every year. Swazi artist Bholoja graced the event with an exquisite acoustic performance.


To supportive neighboring media, the festival presented its first batch of this year’s artist line up and took the opportunity to speak about MTN BUSHFIRE’s creative tourism initiative: The Fire Festival Route.


Paulo Chibanga, director of the newly formed AZGO Festival (a Mozambican festival that has started off the back of MTN BUSHFIRE) gave attendees insight into the benefits of The Fire Festival Route – an initiative pioneered by MTN BUSHFIRE in collaboration with AZGO Festival, Maputo and Saikifo Festival, Reunion Island.


MTN BUSHFIRE has identified the need to develop closer links and associations between regional arts festivals on the continent. With the support of the Danish Centre for Culture and Development and the African Festival Network, MTN BUSHFIRE helps to strengthen the financial sustainability of African music festivals and their contribution to the local community by spearheading this collaborative network.


Through the development of the Fire Festival Route come the following benefits:


  •  As part of the festival route, MTN BUSHFIRE 2012 sends Bholoja to Saikifo Festival in Reunion Island. We also send Bholoja to the AZGO Festival in Maputo, Mozambique. Every year, we can take more Swazi artists abroad!


  • The Festival Route allows us to bring in big name artists - taking the diversity of our programme to a whole other level. We’ll be introducing some of these amazing artists later on in the evening.


  • Knowledge capacity and skill sets on the ground are increased through constant exchange and collaborative projects between the festival network.


  • Looking forward, The Fire Festival Route will attract a mass of festival enthusiasts to the region as MTN BUSHFIRE, AZGO Festival and Saikifo Festival have a broad appeal and are situated closely on the calendar.


MTN BUSHFIRE 2012 takes place at House on Fire on the 25, 26, 27 May 2012. E-Tickets are on sale at www.bushfire.co.sz.


Physical tickets will be on sale from the 10th of April 2012 at House on Fire. 

Founding Graphic Design Partner - Vincent Caudry.
Official Photographers - Bram Lanmers and Sydelle Willow-Smith
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