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Proudly sponsored by TOTAL, the MTN Bushfire Global Food Village is a celebration of food delicacy presenting a diversity of culture inspired gourmet street food by the most seasoned vendors. Festival goers are invited on a savoury journey of the senses with tantalising tastes from East Africa, the Mediterranean and back to the heart of traditional Swazi huts. Explore other pockets of the festival to discover delicious pop up cafes that Fuel the fire in your belly!
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Energizing Life - Everyday



 Our strength is in the value of our people. We, at Total, pride ourselves in the commitment we make to our people within the company, extending to the environment and communities around us. We strive every day to be and do the best and we do this by seeking to create possibilities to energize environmentally sustaining situations where people can be their best through the quality and standard of products and services that we provide in a sustainable affordable manner. 

We see Bushfire as a platform to show the people of Swaziland that we are involved with what matters most, “people” We at Total see Bushfire as a place where people come together and have the freedom to creatively be their best. With our place in Bushfire we hope to extend the peoples view beyond fuel to the range of products and services that we offer which focuses more on sustainable living. Our Awango Solar products are ideal to showcase the environmentally aware that off the grid lighting is efficient and cost effective. Our Totalgaz product that is supplied to all the vendors throughout the festival is an ideal form of electricity saving through cooking and heating in domestic homes and general businesses, continuing the idea of sustainable living.
We continually seek to energize people to be and do their best for their environment and this festival is an ideal place for us to help them do that. Furthermore, we hope to achieve an awareness that Total is more about than just petroleum products, it’s about energizing people’s lives every day through socially responsible sustainable living.

Founding Graphic Design Partner - Vincent Caudry.
Official Photographers - Bram Lanmers and Sydelle Willow-Smith
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